Curriculum/School Schedule

Please click on the link to download the General Schedule for the school.

At Young Leaders Elementary School, we believe that all children can and will learn with appropriate supports. We encourage students to develop their personal strengths and creativity by providing a balanced curriculum that combines academics, with the arts, performance and leadership development. We ensure that all our students reach their fullest potential through the following curriculum:

PBIS: We strive to foster an environment where everyone can learn together in a safe, nurturing school environment, where all children feel welcomed, respected, important, and heard. We use our morning community circle as an opportunity for students to engage in discussions about the things that are important to them, while developing self-awareness, respect, and compassion for others. As a PBIS school, we take many opportunities to teach our students how to assume responsibility and to seek out peaceful solutions. We promote positive behavior with our PBIS tickets. We give tickets to students as a way to acknowledging children for make good choices by remaining Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. Students can cash in their tickets in our school store or use their tickets to gain entry in one of our many school-wide PBIS events.

Literacy: We use a balanced approach to guide our literacy instruction. We work closely with Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Project to develop engaging, common-core aligned Units of Study. Through the use of: Estrellita, Fundations, Just Words, and Wilson Reading Program, we ensure that all students receive targeted word study instruction based on their phonological needs. We use a variety of research-based interventions to students’ individualized reading and writing needs.

Mathematics: In math, we combine our Go-Math curriculum with Exemplars, Calendar Math, and Number Talks to support students in developing deep mathematical understanding. We provide students opportunities to tackle real -world mathematical situations so that our students learn to successful apply their content knowledge in meaningful ways. We engage our students in discussions about mathematical thinking and teach students the importance in explaining their process. With believe that by teaching students to name their strategies and reflect on their mathematical decision-making, we will equip students with the skills needed to develop as efficient mathematicians.

Science/Social Studies: Our social studies and science curriculum is taught via the workshop model and infused into our reading and writing block. We design hands-on projects and research opportunities to heighten critical thinking, inquiry skills and class discussions.

Physical Education/ Health: We are committed to helping our students develop healthy lifestyles by providing students multiple opportunities to learn about nutrition, physical fitness and wellness. We promote an environment where students can develop the lifelong habits needed for overall good health. We take the time to integrate curriculums such as: Move to Improve, Go-Noodle, CookShop, and Mighty Milers into our school day to develop strong, physically-active children. Our Health/ PE teacher helps students learn how to take care of their own bodies and why good health is important to our well-being. **Please read our healthy snack policy**

Visual Arts and Performing Arts: Our arts programming is designed to enhance students creative abilities while supporting students in meeting the demands of Common Core Learning Standards. Through out our school day and through our afterschool programs, we are able to offer students a comprehensive arts experience in music, visual arts, dance, and theater. Our students awaken their talents by performing and writing music, creating plays, and producing original visual arts pieces. Plan to come to our annual Spring Arts Gala to celebrate with our young artist.

Leadership: We offer students enriching opportunities to develop themselves as leaders. Our goal is to develop resourceful, independent thinkers who strive to improve the quality of life for themselves and others. Our students give-back and lead their school community through community service and student government. We also offer several clubs, designed to develop the communication, team-work, strategic thinking skills needed for leadership.

To find out more about the common core, visit the New York City Department of Education Common Core