Academic Enhancement Academy / Study hall: Students receive homework help in subject areas where they are not performing at a standard level.  They are given time to complete homework in small groups or independently.Picture1

STEM Activities: ASPIRA facilitates STEM (Science technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that align learning standards to improve the overall mathematics, science and technology literacy of the students. ASPIRA uses a variety of curriculum such as Tech Bridge and curriculum used during the day in the host school based on keys NYS Common Core standard based science concepts.

Sports & Fitness / Dance Academy: Students engage in physical fitness / sports and nutrition activities which enable students to develop an understanding and desire to exercise, eat well, learn and play different sports to combat obesity. Students in the program learn about various dance forms, more importantly the similarities of the world culturesPicture2.

Reading Theater: Reading theater helps the children ability to read and have an imagination, the kids are given books with multiple characters and they are split up in to groups and they would have to read the book and be able to act out the story with there group.

Picture3 Character Development: Students work on life skills. Students will  learn to communicate effectively, making sound decisions, setting and  achieving goals and resolving conflicts. We will use curriculum like  Overcoming Obstacles.

 Board Games: Twice a week every grade gets a chance to have bored games, we use board games to teach  the children about team work and it helps them learn and understand the meaning of sharing.

Arts and crafts: Arts and crafts allow our group leaders to put together lesson plans and be creative by make holiday cards or have a understanding on what are the different holidays and why we celebrate them.Picture4

Martial Arts: Are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defensecompetition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.  Our students have the opportunity to attend karate classes twice a week.

Picture5Mentoring: On Fridays our children are split in to two groups a boys group  and a girls group. In these groups we’re able to discuss the changes that they  will be facing as they get older and about bullying and about their dreams and  goals.

 Drumming: We want our children to learn the different cultures of music.  Drumming can also help children  in the areas of motor strength and control, speech and communication, social skills, emotional expression,  and cognition.

 Cheerleading:  We also have cheerleading where we put together steps routines and cheers so that they can  cheer on our basketball team. We found this program great for the girls because it teaches them teamwork and  leadership skills.

Film club: Film Club is more for 5th grade, this program will give your children the opportunity to explore and get hands on with film making.

Picture6Chess: Chess club meets once a week, we have an instructor chess in schoolthat comes in and teaches our children how to play chess.  She teaches lessons and has them play amongst each other and they also get the opportunities to play in tournaments.


Basketball: The basketball team meets three times a week, every Friday we have a game either it’s a home game or an away game. We find the basketball team a great program that will teach our young boys and girls how to be a team player and it also builds up there leadership skills.

Every Person Influences Children (EPIC): Family will engage in a series of workshops that will provide them with ongoing opportunities for literacy and education.

We also hold an Advisory Board Meeting once a month, a Shannon Stagg of TASC attends the Advisory Board Meeting.