Message from the Principal

IMG_0053Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for choosing Young Leaders Elementary School! My staff and I are committed to providing our students with an excellent education. To Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe are the cornerstones of what makes Young Leaders Elementary School a special place to learn, play, and grow. We pride ourselves on being a school community that fosters a strong sense of self and community, where everyone is valued, appreciated, and embraced. Here at YLE we strive to develop leaders!

Cultivating student leadership, and independence is important here. When you visit, ask about some of the ways our students are making powerful decisions within their community! We would love to tell you about our involvement in redesigning the Saw Mill Playground. We remain committed to continuing enriching programs that awaken creativity such as: theatre, visual arts, songwriting, percussion, and choir. We believe in strengthening our students minds and bodies through clubs like: chess, basketball, softball and track. This year, we are even adding swimming to the menu! Young Leaders Elementary School is proud to be actively supported by several partnerships helping us to provide all students with a comprehensive educational experience. Check out our partnership links to learn about are partners and how they support our YLE kids.

As we continue to support our students in meeting the demands of the Common Core Learning Standards, we will continue working with Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project for literacy and Go- Math for rigorous math instruction. We are also committed to embracing PBIS as we encourage our students to do their best everyday.

We have so many new and exciting initiatives that support our students in developing into safe, respectful, and responsible citizens. Please check out our calendar so that you can join us for our concerts, family nights, homework help, and dozen of other great experiences that further bonds us as a wonderful community.

We look forward to a year of hard work, studying, and volunteering at Young Leaders Elementary School. Together we can provide a great elementary experience for all our YLE leaders!

See you soon,
Principal Cooke